Introducing: H4 EAD Eligibility Checker

Find out whether you qualify for H4 EAD in under 60 seconds

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You are on a H4 visa but are unsure if you qualify for the H4 EAD work authorization. Is an approved I-140 enough? Or are there other criteria?

You can now get answers to these questions in under 60 seconds using our H4 EAD eligibility checker tool. And if you are ready to begin with your application we can take care of that too! Just click "Start Application" when you see the results.

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Check H4 EAD Eligibility

Answer a few simple questions to determine your H4 EAD Eligibility.

We also tell you your eligibility category.

Start H4 EAD Eligibility Application

Ready to start your H4 EAD application? Simply click the "Start Application" button to begin!

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