Product Announcement: Document Vault

Easily store, manage, and retrieve your immigration documents, all in one place. Never miss out on a deadline or waste hours gathering documents.

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The immigration life is tough as it is - with months and years of waiting time for your visa approvals, transfers, green cards, you name it. To make matters worse, you are often asked for a thick stack of documents every time you need to go through a key immigration event. You need to find every piece of document, organize them, send them.

"Do I have all the documents I need?", "Did I miss anything important?", "Wow, I can't find that one document that is critical to this application" - these are the kinds of questions that go through your head when faced with such an event.

To take care of this pain point once and for all, we are introducing our latest feature "Immigration Documents". With this feature, you can store all your immigration related documents in one place, extract important pieces of information for use later on, set alerts for key deadlines, as well as retrieve documents with a few clicks. Here's a breakdown of the features releasing today:


Upload Documents in Batches

Have your documents already stored in a folder? Just grab them and drop them into the app. We will upload them and store them.

Enter Document Details

After uploading the documents, enter key pieces of information for every document that are needed down the line, e.g. expiry date of your visa status or i-20 travel endorsement end date.

[We know this is a lot of work and are working on a feature to make this a lot faster and easier. Stay tuned.]

View Documents

View all your current and past documents all in one place.

Edit Document Details

Need to change details in a document or change out the attachment. No, problem, just hit edit, change what you need to, and click done.


Need to delete a document for any reason, just click the menu and hit delete.

Security & Encryption

Some of you may be asking if the system is secure. Yes, it is. We take data privacy and security very seriously. All documents and sensitive information are stored encrypted inaccessible to even the Zeno team. Read more about it here.

Give it a try

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up or sign in and try this feature out. Write to me at [email protected] with your thoughts or post in the community.