Product Announcement: Immigration Records Vault

Easily store, manage, and retrieve your travel, employment, and education records, all at your fingertips.

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As an immigrant you have experienced that moment when you are asked for your travel history for the last five years and you freeze. After a moment of panic, you scramble to look through your emails and passports to locate every single travel instance for yourself and your family members, assemble them painstakingly into a document, and then fill it out into the form.

Or that moment when you are asked for your last employer's address, contact name and phone number. You can only hope that you have them saved somewhere. But what if you don't?

To help you maintain these records for easy retrieval and use throughout your immigration journey, we are introducing our latest feature "Records Vault". With this feature you can store your travel, employment, and education records all in one place. Not only can you refer to them easily you can also seamlessly use them in our "DIY Visa Applications" feature and finish your applications in record time.

All your immigration information is now in one place. Here's a breakdown of this feature:


Create Record

Create a travel record for yourself and/or family members with complete details.

Create an employment record with complete details about your title, employer's address, contact, and phome.

Create an education record including the contact name and phone number of an official at your school.

View Records

View all your records in one place.

Edit Record

Made a mistake? Go back into the records and make the changes easily.

Delete Record

Want to delete a record? No problem. Just select and click delete.

Give it a try

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up or sign in and try this feature out. Write to me at [email protected] with your thoughts or post in the community.